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Hemingway House Staff Members


Hemingway House and Garage Staff Members

       The Hemingway House staff is comprised of 24/7 doormen, maintenance, as well as garage attendants. Many members of the employee team have a decade or more of service within the building. Staff members include:

        Hemingway House Management and Staff:

          Jim Wippel, CMCA - Property Manager
ichael Chiappetta, CAM - Assistant Property Manager

Robert Lewerentz - Building Engineer
Edmundo Arias - Maintenance
Saul Suarez - Maintenance
Michael White - Maintenance
         Lamont Williams  - Maintenance

Zeljko Tadic - Head Doorman
Bleron Breca - Doorman
         Michael Collett - Doorman
Ken Delaney - Doorman

Standard Parking-Garage Managing Agent:

  • Rowena Frazier - Garage Manager
  • Donnell Blue - Garage Attendant
  • Ricky Santos - Garage Attendant
  • David Lampkin - Garage Attendant
  • Ken Delaney - Part-Time Garage Attendant



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