Appraisal/Broker Information

We love welcoming new owners to Hemingway House, and we’ll do our best to make the sale/purchase process as smooth as possible. Please keep in mind, though, that a number of the legally required documents for closing require at least 48 hours for processing, sometimes by the buyer’s or seller’s attorney.

A few hints:

·         The required Paid Assessment Letter (PAL) can delay a closing. It takes a minimum of two business days to process once it’s authorized by the Property Manager and fees paid. We will be able to authorize preparation of the PAL once we receive the Sale Package filled out by both the buyer and seller.

·         Like most large buildings, the Hemingway House charges move-out, move-in, and transfer fees. Please work through the Building Manager in advance to schedule the freight elevator.

·         Hemingway House can quickly answer lenders’ questions in a typical condo questionnaire, but special questions can require several days and the services of an attorney (paid by the seller).

·         The Association has the standard right of first refusal on all sales. This right has not been exercised in the past.

·         And finally, keep in mind that Hemingway House has a strict “no dog” policy. 

The building’s managing agent, Sudler & Company, has posted a Sudler Property Management Sales Package, a Condo Questionnaire, association documents, and a request for a Paid Assessment Letter on the Web at

Click on the Web address to visit this easy-to-navigate site, which offers both on-line assistance and toll free phone support.

If you need a Certificate of Insurance, please register at There is no charge to obtain a Hemingway House certificate, and you will receive the certificate within a 24-hour window.

For any questions, please contact the Property Manager:
(312-943-1825 voice); (312-943-5829 fax); [email protected].

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